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Unused Ports -> Contextual web resource

I can't seem to find reference to this in my searches so I apologize if it has been covered.

One of the features I love about UDT is the ability to report on interfaces on a switch that are inactive and how long they have been inactive for.  We have a lot of "fully patched" edge switches in our environment so determining which ones are inactive used to be time consuming.

As the number of switches we monitor is quite large (>3000) I use the "daysunused" field and then filter on a specific node ID or other to narrow the results to the number of switches that I want to report on.  Unfortunately, I can only generate the report in Win32 on our main server (not available in web reporting) and need to built custom reports any time our field techs are looking for this data.

Ideally I would have a contextual resource when any technician opened a switch detail view in NPM that would show these results.  Even the ability to click on a link to generate a contextual report.  Maybe I can use my existing report with a contextual variable that is based on the node that is being viewed?  I'm not sure if that is possible.

Does anybody know how to do this or is this a new feature request.

Thanks for your help!


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currently there is no such contextual resource possibility. Could you please raise the feature request for this Idea?



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Level 12

any feedback on this?

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I have had no feedback but I did create a feature request.  Please upvote!

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this is exatley want we require also.

The first comments back from engineers re UDT - was a question as to whether there was a resource that will show them quickly per switch which ports can be re-patched i.e. not been used in xx days (bepoke threshold dependant) so that we dont have to reset counters and check back in 10, 20, 30 days (especially over summer holidays)

This would be an essential resouce, any news on whether i can be done soon?

Level 12

I have got this web resource working a treat now.

Create a new report (old/new way) - mine is still via report writer - old habbits and all that.

SQL for the query is:


Nodes.Caption AS Caption, UDT_UnUsedPorts.PortID AS PortID, UDT_UnUsedPorts.Name AS Name, UDT_UnUsedPorts.PortDescription AS PortDescription, UDT_UnUsedPorts.DaysUnused AS DaysUnused,UDT_UnUsedPorts.NodeID AS NodeID


Nodes INNER JOIN UDT_UnUsedPorts ON (Nodes.NodeID = UDT_UnUsedPorts.NodeID)

where UDT_UnUsedPorts.Name not like 'Port-channel%' and

UDT_UnUsedPorts.NodeID ='${NodeID}'


add the reource as a custom report to the appropriate node page in NPM. I have a Device Tracker sub-tab then a Capacity Mgmt tab.


this page exports well and prints ok. I have actually amended the wording on the SW view to state 'Never Used' as the word 'never' under the heading days unused raised some questions internally. Works a charm


Level 11

This is something I have been looking for.  Thanks for posting this.

I tried to create the report with Reportwriter, and when I execute the query, I get the message:

SQL Error:

Conversion failed when converting the varchar value '$-{NodeID}' to data type int.

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Level 7

Short answer: It still works despite this error.

Longer answer: Yes you get that when executing in Report Writer, or if you were to navigate to the list of Reports and run the report on its own (which seems understandable, since it has no 'context' within which to determine ${NodeID} in these scenarios).  However, if you save the report and add it as a resouce on something like a Node Details view, the report will actually run and show data properly. Note I assume it was just a typo above where it says '$-{NodeID}'; if not you should correct this to '${NodeID}'.

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