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Level 13

UDT v2.0

I just got UDT v2.0 installed this morning.  I missed out on the RC, but so far, its pretty nice.


1. Not all of the machines located are showing the AD login info. im hitting about 50%.

2. How does this work with virtual desktops or blades?  We have a Dell blade enclosure, and its not finding any direct links.  Same on a virtual desktop. 

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Level 15


Are you still having those issues with UDT? 

1. Are you sure you added all of your domain controllers? If so, we might need you to open a support case so we can see if there is a correlation discrepancy or if the data is simply not being collected.

2. For virtual desktops, make sure you add the virtual switch (if possible). We don't provide the host information, but we should be able to tell you if it is connected to a virtual switch (1000v, no support for the VMware vSwitch).

What vendor are you using for your virtual desktops?


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