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UDT showing some Cisco switch's ports as Unknown


I'm trying out the new UDT product and first impressions are this could be very useful to us.  There is something strange though with a couple of the switches it's scanned.  For some reason two of our Cisco 3750 stacks are coming back with all Ports as Unknown.  I've added about a dozen 3750's in all and the others are showing up all the details as expected.  For the troublesome two it is showing the right number of ports and also whether they're up or not but nothing beyond that.  The only difference I can determine between these and the others is that these two are running the IP Services IOS whereas the others are running IP Base.  Is there something I need to do different for these switches?


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I see that this post is over a year old but I was wonder if there was a solution for this one?  I have 1 of my 30+ 3750 stacks not showing any info in UDT.  I do not get port numbers or descriptions of ports when I add them via UDT port Discovery, then on node details page the ports are listed but without name, numbers, descriptions, ip, or mac info. 

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I'd like to know this as well.  We have an odd case where....

Devices on a particular switch show a cisco 1310 bridge as their direct connection.  Obviously, this can't be the case since there's only one fa0 port on a bridge.  The actual physical port that the device IS connected to shows as indirect.  If I click on the physical port that shows in the search results, it shows the correct MAC Address and IP Address.  The info is there in UDT.... somewhere, but it's not getting forwarded to the search results "correctly"...  Also, on the same switch.... some devices show their respective "direct" connections, and others show "indirect".


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Hi Craig,

Can you verify for me please where in the User Interface you see this 'unknown' status?  Is it in the Search Results page, or somewhere else?  

If it's in the Search Results page, then I'm assuming you mean the 'Unknown' Connection Type icon next to the MAC Address (which is the MAC Address for 'Endpoint' rather than ports).

If this is the case, then can you change the 'Layers' filter in the grid toolbar to 'Layer 2' to see if these records disappear.   If they do, then these records are actually Layer3 records and not Layer2, which suggests the Layer2 job for the switch has not run.

Please get back to me with your findings and we'll troubleshoot further.



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Hi Steve,

It's in the Node Details for the switch where the new Port Details table appears.  Below is a screenshot of what I'm seeing:


It is running Cisco IOS Software, C3750 Software (C3750-IPS​ERVICESK9-​M), Version 12.2(46)SE​, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2) Copyright (c) 1986-2008 by Cisco Systems, Inc. Compiled Thu 21-Aug-08 15:43 by nachen 

I've also been reviewing the other Cisco 3750 switches that I've added for UDT and the results are less than consistent.  I have a switch that lists its Port Names correctly but there are no MAC or IP addresses, Hostnames or VLAN's appearing against ports (IOS 12.2(50)SE).  There's other switches that are showing Port Names, MAC addresses and VLAN's but no IP addresses or Hostnames (IOS 12.2(40)SE).  Then there's others that are showing all the details correctly (IOS 12.2(25)SEE4).  I would expect the older IOS to be the troublesome one but it appears the newer ones have more problems.  Is there a recommended IOS version to use with UDT?  Is there any specific config that is required on the switches to ensure they display all information correctly?


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Just to confuse things further I've noticed another switch that has the older 12.2(25)SEE4 IOS that is NOT showing IP addresses or hostnames unlike the other.  They're both Cisco 3750 switches with the same IOS so I don't understand why one is returning more information than the other!

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Craig, you aren't using SNMPv3 are you? I just want to eliminate some weird permission issue.

Assuming that is not your problem, the next step is to look at what the device is telling us. Can you download net-snmp and run the following commands? Change the file name to each device and I'll contact you off the forums to analyze the results:

You can download net-snmp from here:


The specific command I want run is (replace items in <> with your values) :

snmpwalk -v 2c -c <community> -O netU <IP address> > <FilenameToSaveWalk>.txt

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Hi Mav,

I've downloaded and run the software against the switch and outputted to a text file.  It did return a lot of data and within it I can see IP addresses, MAC addresses and VLAN's.  For some reason UDT just doesn't want to pick any of it up.

Another thing I've noticed is when the UDT job is running against that switch I can't get an SNMP response to it from anywhere else.  I can't even get a GetIf answer from it for a while and our production Solarwinds alerts as it being in an Unknown state.  Is the UDT SNMP scan of the switch quite intensive?  It's not maxing out the CPU but does appear to be killing the SNMP process.  Interestingly as well if I try the UDT scan of it a few times I do sometimes get Port Names back instead of just Unknowns but if I do the scan yet again it often goes back to Unknown again.  It seems to struggle to get SNMP data from it... 


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Regarding switches that don't have any IP address or Hostname details on the Port Details table in Node Details, I have noticed that if I drill down to a specific Port on that switch it does have MAC address AND IP address details for current and history.  For some reason this isn't being displayed on the Port Details table though...

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