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Level 7

UDT not identifying my access Ports

I have one environment that UDT can identify some ports as access and others not. 

I notice that when i'm using the alert, "Alert me when an access port connected to two or more MAC addresses" where i have one device that have a pc and a phone connected, the UDT identify it. And in other situation I have one HUB connected to one switch port, and that port shows 5 mac address and UDT is not alerting on it.

Someone already had the same issue ? 


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Level 13

Can you access the alert and from there, you should be able to see which elements that alert applies to.  How many do you see? 

Furthermore, I had the same issue before as wherein the endpoint is not being detected as an Access port. 

The explanation given is that the device does not respond to Link aggregation status for many ports, therefore those ports are excluded from the alert.

UDT is looking at the OID vlanTrunkPortDynamicStatus ( from the vlanTrunkPortTable (

If the value is 1 it means the port is trunking (link-aggregation enabled), if it is 2 it means the port is non-trunking (link-aggregation disabled).

Not all ports have an entry in the vlanTrunkPortTable - there can be missing ports, in which case we say the trunking mode as "unknown". 

Only ports with non-trunking mode confirmed (value 2) are considered access ports.