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Level 11

UDT not correlating MAC addresses?

Was looking for the port of a down AP this morning. I knew the IP address and searched on that. I got this:


Notice that even though this device has been on the network "fovever", UDT doesn't know where it plugs in. Incredulous, I click on the MAC address, and got a different record:


This record show where it was plugged in, but not the IP address. I notice the MAC addresses are slightly different in that one is uppercase and one is in lowercase, but technically the same.

Is this a bug, or how the system should function? Why should I have to go that extra step? Thoughts? I am running 2019.4 HF2, UDT HF1

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Level 7

I opened a ticket for something very similar to this and this was their response:

"this is a bug on the Orion that affects web UI component thus causing the endpoint details to not display properly on the browser when clicking on the Mac Address from the Port Details of a Node Summary page. However, this is not affecting the UDT business logic."

A bug fix "may be available on the next release" and this was about a month ago.

My situation was that if I clicked on a MAC address from the node details page of a switch or searched UDT by MAC address, I would never see the hostname, IP address or first/last seen information.  If it was a wired device, it usually showed the switch and port it connected to and I could click that to see the hostname and IP address.  Searching by anything other than MAC address will show me the full endpoint details in UDT.  We are running on the 2019.4 RC2 installer.

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