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UDT - Out the gate a little to quick

OK so let me start by saying I love UDT.  The current functionality is awesome and the potential is great.  I have never had several IT departments clamoring like this  to get their hands on a SolarWinds module before.  I think this is the first step of a unification of the modules.

However , this horse jumped out the gate too quickly.  How could you release something like this without including support for L3 switching?  How could you send it out without having tested it on every major switch platform knowing which it would work on and which it would not?

Nexus who?

6500 what?

This module is wonderful and its success will only be tempered by the unpolished release.

Again this thing is awesome, but it should have stayed in the oven a bit longer with more testing.  If there is anything about SolarWinds that frustrates me its the release now fix later mentality that never seems to keep enough things in mind.


I can hear the PM grinding his teeth from here, let me assure you despite what I have said I am trying to figure out where I can steal the cash to pay for this!

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Thanks for the feedback. I've marked this for PM to review.


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Donald, glad you like where we are going with it!

As you know, we have several customers who work with 6500 (and it worked in our lab as well). Obviously there are some cases where it is a problem, we are working on correcting any of these issues as we find the root cause.

Same deal with the Nexus. We focused on resolving all known issues in the beta and in our lab for HP ProCurve and Cisco Catalyst lines. The Nexus 7k works and we are looking in to the 5k (with your help). 

Yes, there are some issues with layer 3, we have made some changes to allow users to manually specify their layer 3 connection, but long term we will make this better.

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