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Level 14

UDT Juniper Switches Sub-Interfaces

Quick scan through the docs and the forums and do not see the answer to this question.

Adding in Juniper switches and need to know if we should add in just the port (ge-0/0/0) or the sub-interfaces too (ge-0/0/0) assuming these are just standard access ports.

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Level 16

UDT needs the sub-interfaces of access ports, not the physical ports -- the client MAC address and VLAN information is associated with the subinterface only.

i.e. ge-0/0/0.0

Interesting.  So will things like the physical port attributes be lost then if we do not monitor them - ie speed / duplex / description?

I really think sub-interfaces should not be counted as separate interfaces for licensing purposes - it just make the whole configuration harder to manage.

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yep... we have the unlimited licence count versions so not such a big deal for me here.

I manage the physical interfaces in NPM, and the subinterface ports in UDT.

we only manage the uplink and trunk interfaces, access ports are only added to UDT

Other gotchas: unconfigured interfaces may not appear in the MIB; so you end up with a 2200-48P only having 13 interfaces in UDT 😞

in this case one should really blame Juniper for their less than great SNMP support; it might be good if Solarwinds would merge the physical interface and the unit0 interfaces together, but the stats on the two are not quite the same and I am loathe to idea-ate things I have not spent some time thinking about the deeper implications of.

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Well I think it would be really nice if the sub-interface at least showed up under the physical interface in Orion.  Oh, and if they could be ordered according to numerical value instead of 1,10,11,12,...2,20,21,22 that would go a long way in making it easier to use.

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