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Level 8

UDT Interface shutdown not working for Juniper switches?


I'm trying to use UDT to shut down ports on the Juniper ex2200 switches that I monitor.

But when I select the port/interface that I want to shut down, I get this error message.


It works fine with the HP Procurves, but for some reason I don't understand why this is failing.



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Level 12

I would also love to have this

I am getting the same error:

Juniper error.JPG

I already voted up Richard Letts idea

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Level 16

You need NETCONF support -- vote up

Hi Greg,

this is unfortunately caused by Juniper not allowing "write" via SNMP. We are aware of this "bug" and it's resolution - by CLI parsing - is one of our long term goals...


Can you elaborate on "long term goals" and provide examples of long term goals that have come to fruition? I'd love to be able to delegate out port management responsibility to other areas of IT.



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