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Switch Port Report

I need to show a report of all the switch ports in our environment.  All switch ports are not in NPM but they are in UDT.  Is there a way to get this info and show a total number at the bottom?  Thanks.

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Just curious - do you have NCM? This will allow you to report on every switchport via the NCM Inventory

I do have NCM.  How would I do that?  Thanks.

Assuming you have all your nodes in NCM and a scheduled "Network Inventory" job running on them (I think there's a "Nightly Network Inventory" job by default in NCM > Jobs)

You should be able to create a report on the following:


(Site_ID is one of our custom properties so we can run the report on just one site if we wanted to. Omit it for all sites)

Then make a custom table with the following database columns (or whatever you want to see):

Interfaces/Interface Names
Interfaces/Interface Description

Interfaces/Interfaces Alias

Interfaces/Operational Status

Interfaces Last Change

When ran, or better yet, when emailed as a csv file, you get the following information for every Ethernet switchport:


The colours have been manually added using conditional formatting in Excel to show UP ports (green) and DOWN ports (red).

The "Last Change" column tells you how long ago the port went up or down, this comes directly from the switch's own stats, not from Solarwinds DB

I have this report run daily and emailed to me so if someone ever asks me for capacity in a site, I can easily see which switches are under-utilised or at max etc.

Not sure if this is the sort of thing you're looking for but its one way we do things. We don't use UDT.
You do NOT have to monitor every single port in NPM because this info is collected from the devices using the Inventory job.

UDT is required to poll and report on the port status and utilization over time.

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Product Manager

Thanks.  This may help.  I will show it to my colleague.  Is there a way to edit the SQL query to just look at Cisco devices?