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SNMP v2 Authentication Failure

I have installed UDT eval - looks VERY interesting so far; experiencing a couple of router issues and such that other folks are commenting on and have an open case.

One odd thing I have noticed that started virtually the minute UDT became active is SNMP authentication failures - we capture these in NPM via traps.  What is interesting is that they appear to be coming from my orion server and attempt to communicate via SNMP to any device in the network; whether or not they are in UDT (they are in NPM).  Even more interesting is the extra IP address contained in the trap - see bold below:

snmpTrapEnterprise = RAPID-CITY​-MIB:snmpT​raps 
experimental.1057.1 = [*local switch address*]
cExtSnmpTargetAuthInetAddr =​9 
cExtSnmpTargetAuthInetType = 1 
authAddr = [*local Orion server address*] 
snmpTrapOID = SNMPv2-MIB​:authentic​ationFailu​re 
sysUpTime = 3618379348 

Has anyone else seen this or know what it could be coming from?  Again, this started immediately after UDT was installed.



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