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Multiple endpoint logins for a single user at the same time in UDT when connected to wireless

When I search for a specific user in UDT, I'm finding a few show multiple endpoint connections at the same time for a single user ID which may be possible but not typical.  I've looked up my id and it states that i am CURRENTLY connected to like 7 other devices when in fact I'm only logged in to the machine I'm currently using.  The most common thing I've found so far is that I and a couple of other users that I pull up with the same results, we are all connected wirelessly to lightweight AP's that are connected to a Cisco 4402 Wireless LAN Controller.  Also, this seems to have happened just recently and was working before, so it may be that I have something monitored or checked that I shouldn't as well.  How can this be resolved to reflect the current and past devices only?  Please help

UDT 2.5.0 is the version we are running and I greatly appologize if I've missed this at some point in release notes or maybe a fix is in a new release.

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If you are using dynamic IPs for your systems then this would be potentially why you are seeing this.  UDT tracks user logins to devices based off of IP lookups, not MAC, as the Windows events it's collecting doesn't have MAC information.  As such, if the devices are dynamic and resolve to the same IP, it may end up showing a user logged into machines they are not actually logged into.  Static systems would not show this.


Matthew Harvey

Loop1 Systems

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