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Level 8

Managing monitored ports in UDT... automation?

We hit our UDT license limit (for reasons unknown) and all ports have been switched to unmonitored (IsMonitored = FALSE).

Is there a selective way of re-enabling UDT monitoring on the ports other than clicking through thousands of ports?   I wanted to write a Powershell/SDK to enable just access ports but I don't think I can Update the IsMonitored property in Orion.UDT.Port.

I feel like I'm missing something obvious...  suggestions?

Thanks - Al

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Glad you were able to figure this out. The GUI method in Orion is to utilise the Discovery engine, which is used to populate and then the Manage Ports area to then remove ports from monitoring inclusion.

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Level 8

Never mind, I figured it out... although the Metadata for Orion.UDT.Port says CanUpdate is False, the URI is actually using Orion.Nodes.  So, I was able to write a script to update ports selectively.