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Level 9

Layer 3 ARP polling

I am newly implementing UDT and have noticed that I am not getting all of my IP information.  Is it possible to do ARP lookups on devices other then Cisco?  Many of my networks are hosted on a checkpoint firewall so I get the mac address information from the switch but not the IP information from the firewall. 

Is anyone been successfull in doing this?

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Level 12

Same problem here running UDT 2.5.1.

When I click on a node I see the interfaces as discovered and their operational status.

Not all ports display MAC addresses and None display hostname and IP address

See sample screenshot:


Some previous searching indicated that the UDT job status should include layer 2 and Layer 3 jobs for the particular switch, which I have confirmed


Assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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Level 8

Same problem here.


We are using checkpoint firewalls (software version with linux in background). So it's using net-snmp.


And I'm unable to add them in UDT, which is pretty frustrating. We don't have any ARP info, so no Ip adresss, no hostaname, etc...


All are layer 3 devices are checkpoint.

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I have the same problem with IPAM for checkpoint firewalls acting as routers. The neighbor scanning does not retrieve the ip info properly. Development says the checkpoint mib is not rfc compliant.

Have you ever resolved this for your case?

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To resolve ARP into IP and hostname, you need to edit the property of your core switch connecting all other switches and mark it as Layer 3 device and save the config.

Then edit the property of any UDT node/device and at the bottom, click on core switch (which was marked as layer 3 device earlier above); which is now added as Layer 3 device in the property of every UDT node/device.

This will resolve your problem.


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My core does do layer 3 but only for some Vlans.  I do have it marked as layer 3 and I get IP information for those vlans hosted on the core but do not get IP information for Vlans hosted on the checkpoint firewall. (The Arp tables would be on firewall not the core).

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For the existing customers on this thread, have you tried the UDT 2.0 RC? We've made some improvements in the latest release on how we poll layer 3 information. If that still does not help, I definitely would like to gather more information to see what we can do to help you guys.


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I'm having problems with UDT 2.0.  I had been using UDT 1.0 quite well and could specify the Layer3 devices that each Layer2 switch should be associated with for resolving Mac to IP's.  Now, I don't see any place on the Node details page to edit which Layer3 device to associate with it.  I'm assuming that the arp resolution was changed dramatically to make it easier, but I have not seen any information on what is required now.

Do I need to add the Layer3 Nodes to UDT and track the ports that uplink to my switches?  I prefer to have the IP's/Mac's only showing up on a single node to make searching for the connected port much faster, so I deliberately do not monitor trunk ports and uplink ports in UDT... even though I specifically target those ports in the NPM for standard bandwidth/error monitoring.

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I am not able to upgrade to UDT 2.0 yet but I am excited to see some of the new features in action, and hope that it does solve some of the layer 3 polling shortcomings.   Hopefully I will be able to do upgrades soon after the New Year.

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In my case (and probably in his case), our core switch can't be mark as layer 3 because it doesn't do any routing. My core switch is layer 2 only. All routing is done through firewalls. So all my ARP information MUST BE taken from the firewalls.


I know it's a bad design to route everything from the firewalls but unfortunatly there is absolutely no way I can change that.

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