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Level 10

I want to scan for rogue Linksys and dlink routers - how do I do it?

I have the latest UDT installed, and I would really like a scan to see where some of these devices are that give us grief.

I tried searching for it - can anyone help? Thanks!

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I'm not sure that UDT is the best thing for this...  I'd be running NMAP scans (or something similar) on the network looking for them. NMAP can fingerprint devices and identify what they are. See Chapter 8. Remote OS Detection on the NMAP website for more details.

At most places these scans are done [and approved] by the security operations team; transgressors get a visit from the Security Officer...

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Level 7

I would imagine the MAC address search function would do... but not sure if wildcards or incomplete MAC ID lookups are valid in UDT.  Not only that, but the list for D-Link was a crazy amount of starting bits, whereas linksys only had a few.... YMMV, but it's a thought.

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