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How to search for VLANs by Switchport Interface?

Perhaps I am missing something obvious which is a distinct possibility.    So can someone direct me on how to find switchport interfaces and their configured, associated VLAN (id or name) using SolarWinds?

The ideal output would look something like the following but more is always better. 

Hostname         Interface Name          VLAN ID     VLAN Name

switchname1     GigabitEthernet1/0/49     101          vlanname101

I have NPM, NCM, UDT (where I would expect to find it), and IPAM modules installed. 

Versions are:  Orion Core 2012.2.1, IPAM 3.1.1, NCM 7.1.1, NPM 10.4.1, NTA 3.10.0, UDT 2.5.1

UDT -  Is there a way to search by VLAN?

      Here is a SQL Query I found on Thwack posted by sean.martinez (thanks Sean if you happen to read this!) that works but is not something I can share with the team when they need to locate VLANs on a switchport.

     "SELECT IPAddress, HostName, MACAddress, ConnectedTo, PortNumber, PortName, VLAN, NodeStatus, NodeID, PortID, ConnectionType, FirstSeen, ConnectionTypeName  FROM UDT_AllEndPoints"

NCM - A report called Cisco VLANs is worthless.

          We run MST (Multiple Spanning Tree) so all VLANs show up on each switch even when they have no interfaces assigned to a specific VLAN.  Also, the report includes VLANid 1002, 1003, 1004, and 1005 which means the report isn't very polished.

IPAM - Ehh, only if I manually entered all of the VLAN ID stuff would it help.

Any help is appreciated!



“                                 “ ~~Marcel Marceau.

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Late to the post but beside being able to search by VLAN in the UDT search field you can also make a report for it - here's a quick one I created that you can add a where vlanid = 'xxx' at the end to limit your response.

SELECT n.caption, up.portifdescr,up.portdescription,up.speed,case up.duplex when 0 then 'None' when 1 then 'Full' when 2 then 'Half' end,up.administrativestatus,up.operationalstatus,uv.vlanid

FROM UDT_Port up

inner join UDT_vlan uv

on up.portid = uv.portid

inner join nodes n

on up.nodeid = n.nodeid

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Hi Clint,

You can do this in NPM with UnDP. Here's an example using Brocade switches:


I created the above using four OIDs:     snSwIInfoPortNum          Table   snSwIVlanId                   Table   snSwIName                   Table     snSwIInfoTagMode         Table

I created a new  tab in the Network Node view in NPM, created a table resource on that page and assigned the above pollers to the switch nodes.

Hope this helps.

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