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Level 8

History Connections table doesn't show valid information


I am trying the trial version of UDT and have problem with 'History Connections' table (part of 'Device Tracker Endpoint Details' view). It just doesn't show any related history information.

For test I took my laptop and connected it to different WIFI AP in a row. After each connection I manually forced poll of UDT data from AP controller. 'Current Network Connections' table showed correct AP every time, but 'History Connections' shows just some 'indirect' connection but not the previous 'direct' connections (to APs). As can be seen in attached screenshot.


Where can be the problem?



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Level 13

based on your description, it seems it might not record connections via AP.  Have you tried testing it out on a physical port?

Didn't try that and don't have active trial now so not able to try that now.


Anyway these kind of information should be saved in database so it should matter if it is for AP data or LAN or whatever..

That's a very simplistic way of looking at it.

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