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Level 9

HF2 Update fix

So in light of UDT being in the list of bad, when will we get the update? I see on my portal I can do the online installer but that doesn't work for us. But if I go down below that I see the offline installer and it shows most current version is 3.4 WTH, If I install the HF2 for 2020.2.1 it tells me all products are up to date, yet my antivirus detected the bad dll and quarantined it, so we are not on the latest.

When is our update coming? Can't call support as they are people stating they can't get ahold of anybody.

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Level 10

you need to be on version 2020.2.1 Hotfix 1 to upgrade to 2020.2.1 Hotfix 2

Not sure why SW did this, as it causes a lot of confusion but they should also release 2020.2.2 with the Security Fix incorporated imo.

The 1.3GB File will have all previous HotFixes that were released (for 2020.2.1), but the Product needs to be at version 2020.2.1 for the HotFix installer to figure out which ones are applicable.

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That's what I was finding, but apparently I can't find 2020.2.1 to download. Its not in my portal

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