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Find All of a Specific Vendor Device via UDT Report

Ideally, my end goal is to be able to run a report that shows me all Polycom phones on our network and which switch and port they are on.

I am looking to use UDT for this and to limit it to Direct connections.

If I go into the UDT Device Inventory, I am able to create a filter (ConnType=Direct, Vendor=Polycom/Polycom, Inc, select my switches) and get the information I want, it just doesn't have an export function and I would rather not have to set it up each time I want to look for different devices.  It is further complicated as I have hundreds of switches and having to select them from the filter each time has a lot of potential for error as it lists switches, routers and APs of which there are over a thousand.

I was able to create a report with the Dynamic Query Builder (report on UDT VLAN Devices) that limits the search within UDT to only MAC Vendor equals Polycom or Polycom, Inc.

It does work but it has some limitations I would like to get around such as it pulling in both Direct and Indirect connections and a lack of interface name listed.
The only columns I can pull into that are Node Name, Endpoint IP, Endpoint MAC and MAC Vendor but not the Interface name nor am I able to eliminate the Indirect listings.

Am I missing something fundamental on pulling in a second datasource to match them up somehow or do I need to get into SWQL to get everything I am looking for?

I see some examples of SWQL to pull Node information from NPM but wasn't able to figure it out.

This post seemed to do much of what I need but I don't know how to change it to limit it down to what I am looking for and it doesn't seem to pull my phones (within the list of all the devices it DOES pull) into Excel where I could just filter it down.   UDT Port Details

I am not a great organic coder/scripter but when given a working example can usually adjust as needed, just feel I am missing something here.

Perhaps if I could see how my Dynamic Query Builder query looked in SWQL I would be able to figure it out but I would like some assistance if anyone has some suggestions for me.

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Level 7

I believe I solved it after installing the SDK, watching a couple of videos, reading some Thwack and browsing a few blogs.

Here is what I came up with:

SELECT DISTINCT RawMAC, PortName, PortDescription, NodeName, NodeStatus, MACVendor, IsCurrent

FROM Orion.UDT.MACAddressInfo

WHERE IsCurrent = '1' AND (MACVendor = 'Polycom, Inc.' ) or  (MACVendor = 'Polycom' )

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