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Enabling Active Directory Polling


I am running into issues enabling Active Directory polling in Solarwinds device tracker.  When I enable a node for AD polling, the validation test comes back as successful.  I have enabled some off our nodes for AD polling, yet no logins display in Device Tracker, although I know there are users logged into these computers.  Can someone please provide some pointers on how to get AD user logins to display in Device Tracker?

Additionally, is there a way to enable AD polling on all of our workstation nodes, without having to edit each individual node to enable it?  We have over 200 workstations and editing each individual node to enable AD polling is going to take awhile.


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There may be some confusion on how to setup AD polling for UDT. You need to setup to read from a Domain Controller (via Event Log Reader permission) to get the user logins. You assign the credentials on your AD Controllers, not on individual nodes.

Add Active Directory Controllers and users (

Ok, but I was told by a member of Solarwinds Technical Support that in the Solarwinds interface, you have to select a node, choose to edit that node, and put a check  in the check box to enable AD polling for that node.  I have attached a screenshot of what I'm referring too for better understanding.

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