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Level 13

Do you currently use UDT?--We want to talk to you!

The User Experience (UX) team is looking for people who use UDT today in their environment to talk to us about what you use it for, how it's working for you, what's missing that you'd like to see UDT do, and most importantly, take us on a tour of how you use it.  There will be 1 hour interviews any time from Monday, July 9 to Friday, July 20, any 1 hour blocks from 8am Central Standard time to 4pm. People who participate will of course receive 3,000 THWACK points; but the big win is that you get a chance to make a difference in future versions of UDT.  Please email me directly at with a date and time which work for you and we'll set something up! --Meech

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I use it.  There are some limitations that are difficult to overcome (challenges finding information about how to use it with snmp-v3 instead of v2 or v1, challenges when a Cisco ASA is the router for one or more subnets), but I use it.

Contact me if you'd like to discuss this.

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Level 12

we use it for quite a few things, port capacity


custom sql report for the days used, as the inbuilt one never really worked as it should



for audit purposes and just finding things on the network we always use the global UDT search. which gives us the port or the AP the device is attached to and how long etc.





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Level 8

we do, but it is not what we expected. Kind of disappointed.

Level 8

We simply use UDT in conjunction with NTA and NPM for identifying users' ports. It's super simple to search on user's name (eh hem... not the username.. but their name ie, "John Doe" not "JDoe") to find out which device and switch port they are accessing. Works great in our small environment.

We plan to enable sticky ports for port security and limit each port to only one device... This, however, will not allow us to use our Fluke on those ports.  Although I suppose I could set the device limit to 2 and walk around with the Fluke to dynamically assign its MAC to every port as the second device.... Regardless, having UDT will allow us to search for users on our network without needing the Fluke.

I would love to see how others may be using UDT for port security, as it seems to have capabilities to white list MAC address on the network instead of setting up port security on the switches themselves.

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Level 8

Unmonitor Ports AND Rogue Endpoints in UDT

I'd love to provide some feedback on the above thread. I tried emailing back in August to see if you were doing another session, but never heard back.

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Level 7

Although this discussion is a little outdated I wanted to raise my hand anyway. We are using UDT to get an idea of how many ethernet ports are actually used during a semester. Based on the results of our findings we hope to reduce the number of network switches we have deployed across our campus environment.

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