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Days since last used?

How can I determine how long NEVER is?  I would assume that its since UDT has been monitoring the port, but it would still be good to know how many days this was, can I display a value in this column?

What does days since last used 0 mean?  -  Again, I would assume that it has been used < 1 day?

Why are there missing ports?  -  Are these ones that are constantly in use, in which case why not show them as 0?

Ideally, id like to see all ports on a switch with a numerical value of how long it has been since they were last used.

Is this possible?

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Level 12

According to the article below, No.

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Lol. er, thanks!

Im constantly finding new ways every day to be disappointed by Solarwinds, its such a frustrating product and just seems to get worse!  Thankfully we havent pulled the trigger on this yet and doubt we will now.  We have 6 months before our next maintenance renewal, so I think its time to start looking elsewhere and find tools that deliver the info we want rather than try to do everything rather poorly!

As we deploy new hardware constantly and therefore ports can be monitored for varying lengths of time, the term NEVER pretty much makes any information useless!  Surely the information about how long the port has been monitored for is in the db, or can be calculated easily?

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so based on the article above, it says there "The biggest key to this view is that it changes the DaysUnused column from 'Never' to a numerical count based on last usage.".  So I'm thinking the information from the device about how long the port was last used, is not being polled.  It simply base on the last usage from the UDT module.

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