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Can you filter a UDT report based on custom properties, or view Days Unused through the web portal?


We are starting to use UDT to monitor port availability on one of our customers networks, and would like to have a selection of predefined reports showing UDT Unused ports for each of their sites, as the network is too large to do all on a single job.

We've already got the Region custom property defined for all of their devices to split them into about a dozen sites so would like to use that to break them down into manageable chunks.

If we create a new UDT Unused Ports report in Report Writer, when I got to the Filter Results tab, custom properties aren't available to select.
If we create a new Inventory report we do have the custom properties on the Filter tab, but don't have the Days Unused attribute on the Select Fields tab.

Is there any way round this?

As an alternative, is there any way to view the same information through the web portal, so we can go to a specific device and see when all the switch ports we monitor through UDT were last used.
It may just be us being dumb, but I couldn't see that anywhere.


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