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Can not poll MAC addresses from a switch

We have 45 switches and there is one switch that I can not pull out any MAC address. I had no problem connect to the switch using SNMP just likes any others. It detects the number of ports as well.

I have tried to remove the switch and re-add it but still didn't work.

It's a 3x3750 cascaded Cisco switch.

Please advice. Thank you.

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What version of SNMP are you using?

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Is it possibly being poller by a poller you did not install UDT on?  

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I used SNMPv2

It's the same poller that I use for other switches.

The switch use the same IOS version as any other.



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Hi khoapham,

To look into this issue further, we'll need to gather the diagnostics files.

Can you please therefore raise a support ticket for this issue and let support know that you have spoken with development on thwack.  Support will need to talk you through changing the logging settings for the UDT.BusinessLayer.log file (using the LogAdjuster tool), to the 'VERBOSE' level; then re-run polling (you can do this via the 'Poll Now' button on the Port Management page) on the cascaded 3750 switches to gather the information.

You will probably need to wait about 5-10 minutes or so to ensure that UDT polling has completed on the switches before creating the diagnostics.

Please also provide the IP's and/or the hostnames of the switches in question, so we can locate them in the logs more quickly.



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You should definitely open a case per Steve's recommendation.

When you say you cannot pull any MAC addresses, what exactly do you mean? If you click on the Node name and go to the Node Details page, are all of the ports listed? Do you see any MAC addresses there? 

Does the UDT Job Status page have a job created for the node? UDT Settings -> View UDT Job Status


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- When I view Node Detail of that switch, it shows no MAC address, IP , or VLAN. Just Port number, and yes all of the ports listed.

- I can't search for a MAC address/IP of a host if it's connected to that switch

- UDT Does have a job created for that node, and it's polling

I have submitted a ticket (case#247762) and waiting for the answers.



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Hi khoapham--


When you open a support ticket, could you:

--Reference this thread to Support.
--Post back here with a case number.
--Post any solutions you get from Support.

Many thx,


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