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Give additional details about "affected objects" when creating alerts.

Give additional details about "affected objects" when creating alerts.

So we are all familiar with creating alerts.  We try our best to make the alerts as perfect as we can because at the end of the day, the more accurate the alert, the people will pay attention to it.  

Recently, I have been working on tweaking my "Volume Alerts".  And that is when it hit me.  Let me explain.

We are all familiar with the "Summary" tab of the alert edit screen

* forgive my use of Dark Reader, this is not #DarkTheme

And at the bottom of that screen, you will see a notice stating how many objects the alert you are working on will create.


When you click on the "Show List" link, you get a nice list of which volumes will be affected.


But that list really isn't that helpful.  You really have no way of quickly knowing which server those two volumes are attached to.  You are unable to verify on the machine if the stats are correct, therefore confirming your alert conditions are true and on point.  

What would be nice is to add a hyperlink to a details popup sort of like the one below that will show me the server that the volume is attached to in order to complete that verification. 

* screenshot is taken from the demo site

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Now this would be a great quality of life improvement! Bumped!

Bumped again!

Another bump!

Great idea!

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this would be awesome. it seems like a pretty easy implementation too.

So as I channel @meech, if you were to have a hover pop-up window event, what would you expect to see?


Back to myself, as I hover over each item, I'd like to see the device referenced (similar to the example given above) as well as a name and a link to the server the device is on that opens up a new tab or pop-up window so you can return to the alert creation easily.

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This would be a big help when creating alerts