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EOL Conversion in HTML Alerts

EOL Conversion in HTML Alerts

I started a thread a few years ago and wanted to get back to it - it's something that I think needs to be remedied within the SolarWinds Orion Alerting Engine.  I'm placing it in NPM because SolarWinds Orion Core (Alerting, Reporting, Syslogs/Traps, Event Log, etc.) doesn't have a specific Feature Request section.

I explain more about it in a previous post, but this is the Feature Request and you should totally upvote it. 

Feature Request: Please include just a checkbox or something in the Configure Action: Send an Email/Page to allow me to enable/disable the auto-replacement of a end of line characters with a <br />.

Before After
Before_Image.png After_Image.png

Level 16

YES....  this is always a pain in my butt!!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Added the tag to the original post for visibility.  Thanks man!

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Open for Voting
Level 12

Was this ever roadmapped within Solarwinds? Is a MASSIVE pain in the backside and really a frustrating implementation. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@shocko  not in the GUI, but you can do it directly in the database to fix the issue.

Fix Alert Email New Line Replacement
UPDATE [dbo].[WebSettings]
SET SettingValue = 'FALSE'
WHERE SettingName = 'Email_ReplaceNewLinesHtml'
  AND SettingValue <> 'FALSE'

I would still recommend upvoting the feature request. 

Level 12

Hi @KMSigma ! I did indeed run the SQL update so all good at my end bar a few admins now complaining of their e- mail alerts looking 'funny'. I have sent them a link this 😉