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Orion Platform 2019.2 - Install/Upgrade Improvements Part 1

Orion Platform 2019.2 - Install/Upgrade Improvements Part 1

For the last few years, we've continued to improve and refine the upgrade and installation experience on the Orion Platform. This version is no exception with exciting changes to the configuration wizard and more upgrade options. In this document we'll delve into the mysterious bullet listed on the NPM WWWO page regarding "Optimizing configuration wizard - Configuration wizard should take less time to complete". While this was listed for NPM's WWWO, have no fear this applies across the board for all Orion Platform products.


For those looking to see an overview of what great improvements are available on Orion Platform 2019.2, please start with our release notes.



Configuration Wizard Improvements


For those of you who participated in the NPM 12.5 beta, you have already received a sneak peek at the great configuration wizard improvements that are in this version of the Orion Platform.





Other than just being more descriptive, which is a request that we've heard loud and clear, it's actually quite a bit faster too. What changed? There were some processes that were operating serially and by changing them to operate in parallel we were able to see enormous improvements. Results may vary for your environment depending on the spec of your Orion server and the products you're installing, but roughly for some in-house upgrades we were seeing improvements where we cut down the configuration wizard time in half. Let us know how it goes during your upgrade to this release and how much time you saved, as we would love to see if there are opportunities to improve it even further.


Prior to Orion Platform 2019.2Orion Platform 2019.2


Hidden Feature - Orion Installer

If you can imagine, we get numerous requests to improve not only the configuration wizard progress bars, but also the SolarWinds Orion installer progress bar. We've gotten the chance to improve the experience with a hidden feature, which if you can find, I will reward with additional THWACK points. Post your screenshot in the comments to get credit!


Updated .NET Requirement

While preparing for your upgrade, review the system requirements for Orion 2019.2.

For instance, you may need to update your .NET version to 4.7.2 on all of your Orion servers.




More to Come

In part 2 - which will be published alongside RC2 we'll dive into the details of:

  • Improved upgrade experience – Do your whole upgrade from the web console.

Hint: it's related to Orion Platform 2018.4 Centralized Upgrades Walkthrough


RC 2 has arrived - check out Orion Platform 2019.2 - Install/Upgrade Improvements Part 2


Recruiting for Dev Assisted Upgrades


Like what you see? Worried about upgrading to a release candidate? No worries, come sign up for a Dev Assisted Upgrade, and we'll be there hand in hand as you upgrade to the latest and greatest release candidate.


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