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[thwackCamp 2013 Chat Log] Storage Manager Deployment

10/10/2013 10:3063.226.32.16ecklerwr1Thought lewis was a woman... I guess not they said he...
10/10/2013 10:3067.79.13.42sandipI'd like to welcome Brian Radovich, Senior Product Manager to the chat
10/10/2013 10:3067.79.13.42sandipHe will be fielding any questions you have during this session
10/10/2013 10:3164.129.144.40brianmradHello everyone - looking forward to your questions!
10/10/2013 10:3167.79.13.42sandipLewis is a man, he is a character in our Noob's Cube videos
10/10/2013 10:3199.127.50.5colbyshe's a man baby!
10/10/2013 10:3163.226.32.16ecklerwr1:^}
10/10/2013 10:3267.79.13.42sandip
10/10/2013 10:35128.29.43.2johnneydanielle.higginswhat is the difference between a proxt agent and a scaleability engine?
10/10/2013 10:3664.129.144.40brianmradAn agent is installed on an OS, then can be used as a proxy to monitor other devices (like arrays, vmware, etc.)
10/10/2013 10:37128.29.43.2johnneydanielle.higginsthx
10/10/2013 10:3764.129.144.40brianmradStorage Manager is not built on Orion, so we use agents as "proxys" to poll data
10/10/2013 10:3764.129.144.40brianmradinstead of additional pollers
10/10/2013 10:38128.29.43.2johnneydanielle.higgins@ Brian..  got it didn't realize it was not built on Orion.  this makes more sense now
10/10/2013 10:3864.129.144.40brianmradNo problem
10/10/2013 10:3964.129.144.40brianmradAgents run on different OS - Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris and HPUX and collect local storage and performance data
10/10/2013 10:3964.129.144.40brianmradbut can also can pull data from any device supported by STM
10/10/2013 10:3964.129.144.40brianmradallowing you to scale out the environment according to your needs
10/10/2013 10:4064.129.144.40brianmradAgent to STM communication is compressed and encrypted
10/10/2013 10:4064.129.144.40brianmradEAsy on your LAN and WAN in distributed environments
10/10/2013 10:4063.226.32.16ecklerwr1can you put the agent on one machine in an area and have it collect from multiple NAS's in that area to report back to STM?
10/10/2013 10:4164.129.144.40brianmradYes.  An agent can monitor a variety of devices (arrays, VMware, FC switches, etc) and funnel it all back to the STM server
10/10/2013 10:4164.129.144.40brianmradSo it works really well for remote offices
10/10/2013 10:4164.129.144.40brianmradcollect most everything with one agent
10/10/2013 10:4163.226.32.16ecklerwr1that's good.
10/10/2013 10:4264.129.144.40brianmradSMIS is managed by SNIA, most Array Manufacturers support it
10/10/2013 10:4364.129.144.40brianmradWe have specific information for every SMI-S provider in our help files
10/10/2013 10:4364.129.144.40brianmradincluding how to deploy and configure your provider
10/10/2013 10:4464.129.144.40brianmradYou can put multiple arrays on one provider, with some dependencies on which vendor and size of the array
10/10/2013 10:4464.129.144.40brianmradLots of advice is out deployment guide in the help
10/10/2013 10:4564.129.144.40brianmradDiagnostic tool will tell you what the problem is
10/10/2013 10:4664.129.144.40brianmradDeployment guide:
10/10/2013 10:4774.193.64.139MattHarveydid I miss the video?  I'm only getting a black screen
10/10/2013 10:4763.226.32.16ecklerwr1refresh browser
10/10/2013 10:47128.29.43.2johnneybrianmradDoes storage manager do config mgmt?
10/10/2013 10:4768.71.215.4MattHarveygetting video you are trying to watch is currently unavailable
10/10/2013 10:4864.129.144.40brianmradWe collect some asset and configuration data, and can alert on some changes, but we do not allow you to manage the array - monitoring only
10/10/2013 10:4867.79.13.42ReneTry refreshing your screen, if that does not work the video will be available directly after it is done in the video player below the day 3 schedule on this page
10/10/2013 10:4968.71.215.4MattHarveyah there we go, 2 refreshes did the trick
10/10/2013 10:4964.129.144.40brianmradWhat kind of network are you using with your arrays?  FC or iSCSI?
10/10/2013 10:5164.129.144.40brianmradSTM can be deployed on VMs or physical machines, but for large environments we recommend physical
10/10/2013 10:5164.129.144.40brianmradSTM server runs on Linux or Windows
10/10/2013 10:5564.129.144.40brianmradThe agents store the data temporarily on the server, then removes it once the data is successfully inserted into the DB
10/10/2013 10:5564.129.144.40brianmradbut it will round robing the data if the collector waits too long
10/10/2013 10:5564.129.144.40brianmradSo this image shows remote offices/data centers
10/10/2013 10:5867.79.13.15PatrickHubbardLeonAdatoHey Leon
10/10/2013 10:5864.129.144.40brianmradDoes anyone have deployment questions for their environment?
10/10/2013 10:59118.209.171.97ShuthfrancoisDo you need any special backup for SM (kind of like SQL server backups) or can you just run a normal VM backup? Will the database cause any issues?
10/10/2013 10:59118.209.171.97ShuthbrianmradSorry, meant for Brian
10/10/2013 11:0064.129.144.40brianmradGood question.  You can use typeical backup stategies for the STM server, we prefer that you shutdown the app for the backup
10/10/2013 11:0068.71.215.4MattHarveyWhen should you decide to use a remote polling server? over letting the STM server to the polling?
10/10/2013 11:0164.129.144.40brianmradIf you are collection is having trouble keeping it up, or the STM server shows consistant strain on resources (CPU, Memory mostly)
10/10/2013 11:0164.129.144.40brianmrador if you have remote site
10/10/2013 11:0371.64.110.224LeonAdatoPatrickHubbardHey Patrick
10/10/2013 11:0464.129.144.40brianmradThere are 6 services on the STM server for windows (webserver, collector, poller, maintenance, trap reciever and Database)
10/10/2013 11:04118.209.171.97ShuthbrianmradSo theoretically you could shutdown the services/server, backup the server, and then restart SM. If all your data collection is performed by other agents (not the agent installed with SM), you wouldn't have a "data gap" as it will get the cached agent data?
10/10/2013 11:0464.129.144.40brianmradthat is correct
10/10/2013 11:0468.71.215.4MattHarveythere's no way to upgrade without the database changing to the new MariaDB is there?
10/10/2013 11:0564.129.144.40brianmradIn general, no - the upgrade of the DB is local to the machine
10/10/2013 11:0668.71.215.4MattHarveyok
10/10/2013 11:0668.71.215.4MattHarveybeen seeing some hesitation due to the DB change
10/10/2013 11:06118.209.171.97ShuthbrianmradWhat would be the risk of running a backup on a running SM server? (and you don't have any remote agents)
10/10/2013 11:0770.198.130.13Scotthere's a silly question... where does the name "thwack" come from?
10/10/2013 11:0764.129.144.40brianmradMattHarveyMariaDB is definitely a good DB, fork off MySQL - serveral very large companies have moved recently
10/10/2013 11:0763.226.32.16ecklerwr1thwack is one of the sounds from old Batman cartoons.
10/10/2013 11:0870.198.130.13ScottI figure there's some nerd humor roots like that
10/10/2013 11:0864.129.144.40brianmradShuthThere is some risk of causing corruption on the DB tables - we have seen this occasionally with anti-virus (concurrent access to the files)
10/10/2013 11:0864.129.144.40brianmradShuthso same thing could happen with backups
10/10/2013 11:08118.209.171.97ShuthScott
10/10/2013 11:0870.198.130.13Scottjust wondering how SolarWinds chose that
10/10/2013 11:08118.209.171.97ShuthbrianmradCheers for the info and great presentation!
10/10/2013 11:0864.129.144.40brianmradShuthyou can do snapshots of the VM, and then back those up
10/10/2013 11:0870.198.130.13Scottah, thank you Shuth!
10/10/2013 11:0964.129.144.40brianmradThanks everyone for joining!  Any questions around STM deployment - or features and functions?
10/10/2013 11:1068.71.215.4MattHarveydo you guys have anything written up on a comparison between the old and new database types being used? Something that could put clients more at ease when they see release notes that remark about changing databases?
10/10/2013 11:11118.209.171.97ShuthbrianmradAre there any plans for FOE like capabilities with SM?
10/10/2013 11:1264.129.144.40brianmradMattHarveyI will have to check and get back to you - please email me
10/10/2013 11:1268.71.215.4MattHarveybrianmradok will do
10/10/2013 11:1364.129.144.40brianmradShuthNo plans for an FOE functionality at this time, but will take it as a feature request.  How are you backing up STM now?
10/10/2013 11:1471.64.110.224LeonAdatobrianmradMy Perf&Cap team likes to "harvest" metrics to be used in their own displays.
10/10/2013 11:1471.64.110.224LeonAdatobrianmradWe're ok with PostGre (current db platform for VirtualizationManager).
10/10/2013 11:1471.64.110.224LeonAdatobrianmradCan the same be done for STM?
10/10/2013 11:14118.209.171.97ShuthbrianmradWe don't run SM internally yet but coincidentally I received an email recently asking about what backup options are available for VM and SM
10/10/2013 11:1571.64.110.224LeonAdatobrianmradie: Is there a userID I can give them and some type of access they can use to "slurp" data every day into their repository.
10/10/2013 11:1571.64.110.224LeonAdatobrianmradIt wouldn't necessarily be ALL the data, just the fields they wanted from select tables.
10/10/2013 11:16118.209.171.97ShuthbrianmradThe FOE request is along a similar vein - a customer is setting up a system with a lot of Orion modules with FOE and asked about VM/SM FOE
10/10/2013 11:1764.129.144.40brianmradLeonAdatoYes, they can access the DB remotely via standard SQL calls.  You will have to set up a remote account in the MariaDB (instructions are in help files). Note all reports have the SQL embedded in them, so the easiest way to build your queries is to find a report that has the data you want and do a "View Source" on the HTML
10/10/2013 11:1864.129.144.40brianmradShuthYeah, no FOE for VMan or STM at this time - you can deploy in HA virtual environments
10/10/2013 11:1864.129.144.40brianmradAnyone here using the VMan > STM integration?
10/10/2013 11:2064.129.144.40brianmradI've seen a lot of customers do major moves from one array vendor to another.  One great thing about our per-disk license is we don't care what kind of arrays you have, we only count the disks, so STM can help you through the transition.
10/10/2013 11:2164.129.144.40brianmradAnyone doing replacing their arrays soon (or recently)?
10/10/2013 11:22118.209.171.97ShuthbrianmradOne customer is using VM/SM integration but I didn't get to play around a lot with it
10/10/2013 11:2364.129.144.40brianmradCool - that lets folks drill from datastore in VMan to LUN/Share in STM.
10/10/2013 11:2464.129.144.40brianmradNote - that linkage is also exposed in the new VMan to SAM/NPM integration as well, allowing you to go from Application to datastore to LUN
10/10/2013 11:2463.226.32.16ecklerwr1We tech refresh storage just like everything else on a cycle.
10/10/2013 11:24118.209.171.97ShuthbrianmradAre there any plans for integration in NPM apart from linking the Main Console page of SM?
10/10/2013 11:25118.209.171.97Shuthbrianmrador is that all part of the VM/SAM integration you just mentioned?
10/10/2013 11:2664.129.144.40brianmradYes, we plan to deliver something like the VMan to SAM/NPM integration - no timetables
10/10/2013 11:2764.129.144.40brianmradSee our post -
10/10/2013 11:27118.209.171.97ShuthbrianmradI do like the capacity analysis capabilities
10/10/2013 11:2964.129.144.40brianmradsorry, the correct link is
10/10/2013 11:3164.129.144.40brianmradAny other questions on STM?
10/10/2013 11:32118.209.171.97ShuthbrianmradNope - I'm all out for now :)\nThanks for the presentation and discussion!
10/10/2013 11:3264.129.144.40brianmradShuthCan you elaborate on the cap analysis?
10/10/2013 11:36118.209.171.97ShuthbrianmradThe ability to estimate how many more VM's can be hosted on a server based on cpu/memory/storage
10/10/2013 11:36118.209.171.97ShuthbrianmradAnd estimating how long until data storage is 90%/100%
10/10/2013 11:37118.209.171.97Shuthbrianmradusage*
10/10/2013 11:4267.79.13.15PatrickHubbardLeonAdatoHow's it going?  I'm really enjoying the chat
10/10/2013 12:0566.68.96.99daniellehWe're about to do the drawing for the Day 2 mission!
10/10/2013 12:0566.68.96.99daniellehstay tuned
10/10/2013 12:1666.68.96.99daniellehCONGRATULATIONS! sherndon1 you've won the Samsung SSD for the day 2 mission!
10/10/2013 12:1766.68.96.99daniellehI will contact you via email to gather shipping information
10/10/2013 12:17118.209.171.97ShuthGrats!
10/10/2013 12:18152.130.15.128Kurt (shadowsbear)Congrats
10/10/2013 12:2166.68.96.99daniellehDay 3's mission is now open
10/10/2013 12:2266.68.96.99danielleh
10/10/2013 12:2266.68.96.99daniellehwe're giving away a GoPro Hero3
10/10/2013 12:2266.68.96.99daniellehmake sure you've been submitting to all 4 days of missions to qualify for the grand prize! A Xbox One Day One Edition
10/10/2013 12:25205.167.198.122DrewSorry to interrupt. I'm have a 'der' moment... I'm looking for the day 1 - day 2 videos/slidedecks?
10/10/2013 12:2567.79.13.42Renescroll down this page to the video players in the Day 1 and Day 2 schedules
10/10/2013 12:2667.79.13.42Reneyou can access all of the previous session there!
10/10/2013 12:26205.167.198.122Drewhuh... I only have one video player on the page and it's only showing todays.
10/10/2013 12:29118.209.171.97Shuthlol - thwack daddy
10/10/2013 12:31199.89.56.196Jakelol
10/10/2013 12:31199.89.56.196Jakesw makes some funny videos for both the geeks and non geeks out there.
10/10/2013 12:32199.89.56.196JakeUrban WIldlife is the video I use when someone asks what i do at work. haha
10/10/2013 12:332.27.145.98RhidianSMap question: can a map panel display HTML5?
10/10/2013 12:3567.79.13.42Cara@jake, thats awesome!! We love our video team
10/10/2013 12:38199.89.56.196Jakedaniellehare theya ctuall employees at SW, like tech support, or do they just make these videos?
10/10/2013 12:39199.89.56.196Jakedaniellehsorry ment cara
10/10/2013 12:3966.68.96.99daniellehthey are actual employees
10/10/2013 12:39199.89.56.196Jakehaha that makes it even better. Well they do a good job
10/10/2013 12:3967.79.13.15CaraAll of the actors are SW employees from different department.
10/10/2013 12:4099.127.50.5colbythe poor people in the IT/security support group made ME uncomfortable
10/10/2013 12:4066.68.96.99daniellehThe Noob's Cube series stars a Sales Engineer, a guy from our creative team, and Lewis is on the video team
10/10/2013 12:4066.68.96.99danielleh
10/10/2013 12:4166.68.96.99daniellehThe Security group therapy videos are hilarious.  Check out Day 3's mission if you haven't seen them.
10/10/2013 12:4667.79.13.15CaraYeah, our video team is a pretty big deal. 
10/10/2013 12:4963.226.32.16ecklerwr1Lewis gets it pretty bad when he tried to talk on the radio before each launch
10/10/2013 12:4912.163.55.44ThomasIannelliGotta love the mouth breathers [Emotion=emwink.gif]
10/10/2013 12:4967.79.13.15PatrickHubbardRhidianSHey following up on our map question
10/10/2013 12:4966.68.96.99daniellehhas everyone seen the new items in the thwack store?
10/10/2013 12:4999.127.50.5colbyman i saw the pint glass the other day! so cool!
10/10/2013 12:4967.79.13.15PatrickHubbardRhidianSare you talking about the HTML resource, the Atlas Map or the global map?
10/10/2013 12:5066.68.96.99danielleh
10/10/2013 12:5066.68.96.99daniellehif you're lacking points for an item you want... check out the October Monthly Mission
10/10/2013 12:5166.68.96.99danielleh
10/10/2013 12:51199.89.56.196JakeSW shirts are extremly nice for some reason. My mobile admin beta shirt is my favorite
10/10/2013 12:5266.68.96.99daniellehJakethere's something like 4 new shirts in the store
10/10/2013 12:5266.68.96.99daniellehJakeoh, and hooded sweatshirts for the fall!
10/10/2013 12:5267.79.13.42Caraand a long sleeve for thwackCamp 2013!!
10/10/2013 12:53199.89.56.196Jakei seen that, and cant wait to get another! I did order the thwack camp yesterday
10/10/2013 12:5363.226.32.16ecklerwr1I can't wait till the backpack shows up ;^}
10/10/2013 12:532.27.145.98RhidianSPatrickHubbardHTML resource
10/10/2013 12:5363.226.32.16ecklerwr1got the long sleeve day before yestderday in the mail... the Thwackcamp one.
10/10/2013 12:5463.226.32.16ecklerwr1Long sleeve is cool for a change... the polo is best 'cause I can actually wear it to work.
10/10/2013 12:542.27.145.98RhidianSPatrickHubbardIdeally I would like to make a 2 column page with a map in each and use the real time event viewer in one and real time process in another, both for the same server.
10/10/2013 12:5466.195.91.187JimFavorite shirt is still the Alert Central "All your alerts are belong to us"
10/10/2013 12:54118.209.171.97Shuththe grey polo shirts are really good *thumbsup*
10/10/2013 12:54199.89.56.196Jakedaniellehhaha that is a nice shirt as well
10/10/2013 12:552.27.145.98RhidianSPatrickHubbardand maybe do that for proble servers you are investigating
10/10/2013 12:5567.79.13.42CaraDon't forget: we have tparrika on the chat with us for the next session!! He told me he likes really hard questions about securing FTP and file sharing
10/10/2013 12:5567.79.13.42Carajust sayin'...
10/10/2013 12:5667.79.13.42CaraIf you don't hear/see the countdown on the screen, please refresh your page
10/10/2013 12:572.27.145.98RhidianSPatrickHubbardI'm happy to leave that question for another time
10/10/2013 12:5863.226.32.16ecklerwr1Lewis get off the radio!
10/10/2013 12:5864.129.144.40tparikkaHi all! Glad to be here
10/10/2013 12:5867.79.13.15Caraecklerwr1 thats my favorite part!!!
10/10/2013 12:5863.226.32.16ecklerwr1hehe pretty funny
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