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notwork down status not synking with solarwinds

Good morning all,

we are using solarwinds application orion Networki Performance Monitor on NMS.

Since few days

1. change of node down in our network  is not showing in the  NMS.

2. Change of Interface like down status is not showing in the NMS.

Can anyone help me?

It is too dangerous to me. Help me please.



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Point 1: Is the node in NMS? If it is, are you saying it shows as green when it is down?

Point 2: Same as point 1

For a node to show up/down in NMS, you need to be monitoring it in NMS. Best way to monitor is to use ICMP. If you manage the device by SNMP, you be able to alert on interfaces etc as well. Again if you monitor it correctly, it will show correct up/down status.

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