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Visualize Network Path (NetPath) performance

We’re going to visualize network path performance for a single complex application and display it on wall board.  The goal is provide a very high level visualization of the application’s network latency for executive management.  We will continue to use Orion for network management.

In our case, the application is housed in three data centers:

“Data Center A” (two locations) accessible from the Corporate LAN via our internet connection

“Data Center B” (one location) accessible from the Corporate LAN via a MPLS/ELAN network

“Data Center C” (two locations) accessible from the Corporate LAN via VPN connections from Data Center B

Solarwinds Orion is running in the Corporate LAN

We are attempting to measure latency to each of the Data Centers.

Can someone provide a sample SQL Query to query latency to each data center?

It’s our understanding that Orion cannot visualize the network in this way, so we will use an alternate tool, but have it populated from the SQL Query results.

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