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Solarwinds on Azure SQL PaaS

Has anyone used Azure's SQL as a service to host the Orion database?

I am looking to cloud host the Orion server and the database but am having some trouble working thru Microsoft's instance sizing for hosted SQL databases.

Any advice would be appreciated

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Azure SQL DB support has been officially added to the Orion Platform. You can learn more about this deployment option at the link below:

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Hey James & noobes,

Orion Platform products cannot be hosted on Azure using the the SQL Managed Instance, as it requires memory-optimized data, which is not supported in Azure SQL Managed Instance. If you wish to deploy Orion Platform products in Azure, use a dedicated Azure VM image which includes MS SQL. - NPM 12.4 system requirements - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support


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Hi Jamessobo, did you manage to implement this? Is this environment supported by Solarwinds? I may need to do the same myself.

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