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Level 15

NetPath: Every Node. Every Path. Every Network.

NetPath is the breakout feature in SolarWinds NPM 12. Since an early sneak peek during THWACKcamp 2015, NePath has evolved into a must-see-to-believe addition to Network Performance Monitor. Using minimal resources within your network and agentless probing, NetPath exposes every device and route between you and target services, whether it's a simple website, remote cloud instances, or hosted applications.

Join Head Geeks Patrick Hubbard and Leon Adato, and Senior Product Manager Chris O'Brien as they pull back the cover and reveal the next generation of network monitoring.

What are the top pain points you have with monitoring your network in a hybrid world? What do you wish you had visibility into?


Attend this session (September 14th @ 1:00 PM CST) for a chance to win a FREE license of NPM + 500 hours of GNS3 Academy Training!

Terms & Conditions -USA & Canada

Attend this session (September 15th @ 11: 00 AM BST) for a chance to win a FREE license of NPM!

Terms & Conditions UK

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