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Level 18

Monitoring 101

Despite the relatively maturity of monitoring and systems management as a discrete IT discipline, I am asked - year after year and job after job - to give an overview of what monitoring actually *is*. My response to this has run the gamut from full-on training sessions to impromptu hallway discussions to everything except possibly interpretive dance.

The Monitoring 101 ebook is our (SolarWinds') attempt to address that question in a more structured form, allowing you to bring new team members, management, or colleagues from other groups who consume monitoring but don’t manage it up to speed with monitoring concepts quickly.

You can download the Monitoring 101 ebook HERE and then answer the following questions to see how much you retained!

Leon Adato | Head Geek
"Measure what is measurable,
and make measurable what is not so." - Gallileo

4 Replies
Level 14

Must learn to read the question.  D'Oh.  Have recommended this to my workmates.

Level 8

Excellent content, great review of basic monitoring terminology.

Level 8

I am amazed that this document stays very neutral on the subject instead of mentioning an applicable Solarwinds product every chance it can. This was a great overview!

Level 12


Despite not getting a full score means I need to read the MONITORING 101 Document again!