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Level 15

Make Monitoring a Priority (Outside Your Own Team)

If you are attending THWACKcamp, chances are you already understand the enormous value monitoring provides your team, the infrastructure, and your business. But often, we monitoring superfans hit roadblocks when trying to explain that value to others, whether they are other IT teams, business units, or upper management. And without giving a clear explanation, the investment you need might not be approved.

Join Head Geeks Patrick Hubbard and Leon Adato, along with a special guest, as we analyze those roadblocks and offer methods to get past them so that your monitoring efforts are recognized, understood, and appreciated

How are you currently making monitoring a priority for other organizations in your company? What do you find are the common roadblocks in getting other departments to understand the value that monitoring has?


Network Bandwidth Analyzer – Bandwidth Monitor | SolarWinds

Attend this session for a chance to win a FREE license of BAP!

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