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I need to scan my entire network to see if any machines are not monitored by SolarWinds

I have been at my new job for a few months now and have been getting used to SolarWinds monitoring or I guess the full name is SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager v7.5.0.1324. Anyway, I have been using it and it has helped me a lot, particularly letting me know when a device is offline or if a drive volume is running out of space. My problem now is; I am not sure all our servers are monitored. I have done some spot checking and asked around and get a lot of "I think" and "probably". I want to know for sure. Is there a tool or a way I can scan all of our subnets and have every Windows Server between 2003 and 2016 report back in if it has the SolarWinds agent or not? Obviously, I do not need workstations reporting back and it would be nice to help out the network team and let them know if their devices are monitored, but primarily I am interested in scanning Windows Servers. All suggestions are welcome.

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For clarification.  Are you using NCM by itself or do you also have NPM (Network Performance Monitor)?  I personally, do not handle NCM, but I don't think that the items you listed are part of the NCM functionality.

On a side note.  You may have better respond to your question if you put it in a different forum besides Thackcamp.  I would put it in a product specific one.

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