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Node Down status History

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to generate downtime report for nodes with Down status only , but issue is that report shows me Warning, Critical and other status also which I don't want.

Downtime Report.PNG

This is solarwind web based report and I had used dynamic query builder to filter status field to show me only down status


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I'm confused are you looking for a report that shows when a device is currently down or it was down "x" minutes ago and it was down from point "A" to point "B"? 

If you want a report that shows a device was down from point "A" to point "B", you might try a different approach.  Rather than doing status do Event Type, like this.



What you get is a report that looks like this


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Dear @bourlis !

Thank you so much for your response. But I need a report that shows when a device went down and it was down from for example  3:00 AM 10 Jan 2020  to 4:00 AM 10 Jan 2020.

Thanks in advance.

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Actually this report does that, but it's hard to tell with the names and IP's blocked out.  Here's another screen shot of the report with only part of the name and IP blocked out.


This report uses the event logs so all that info should be in the event logs.

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What happens if you amend the logic, so the group and/or report is only looking for nodes where the status is specifically DOWN? The number and order of the conditions in the screen shot you shared could be confusing things.

- Jez Marsh
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silverbacksayssilverbacksays Expert

Thanks for your response ! but I had already used the logic in which there is only one filters that contains status is equal to DOWN , but could not get required results.

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