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Want to get ready for THWACKcamp and earn some extra points for the THWACK Store?

RegisterFor THWACKcamp 20181000 Points
ExploreCheck out a THWACKcamp 2018 session page.100 Points
RSVPFor 1 session50 Points
For 3 sessions100 Points
For 5 sessions200 Points
For 10 sessions300 Points
AttendAny session (available the 17th of October)2000 Points
At least one session on each day of THWACKcamp (available the 17th of October)300 Points
At least one session in each time slot of one day (full schedule! Available the 17th of October)300 Points
Next YearPre-register for notifications on THWACKcamp 2019! 500 Points

Check your progress on the main THWACKcamp 2018 page.

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Love it, great mission.


Ready.Set.Go!... Oh... And Wait...

Nearly there


I already registered and RSVP'd before this went live will someone be able to nudge the system to update my points?

Edit - It seems this post is keeping track and crossing off what has been done - The only thing is that I registered with my work email address, but Thwack uses my personal email address so that one isn't showing as crossed off, is that something that can be updated?

1, 2, 3...count me in!

I literally cannot find the "Social Share" icons - oh well.

Right at the bottom below the bottom session:


The RSVP Add To Calendar links are not working.  Thank you!


Excellent Mission Idea!


When clicking on the Calendar invites from the events, Add to Calendar, in IE, this occurs:


Awesome, ready for  thwack Time!

Hey lawbar90​ - is the plugin not loading for you? Direct message me if you need help troubleshooting.

Does it take awhile for these points to be awarded?

I added this to LinkedIn

Hey Frank - this only works if you use the social share icons at the bottom of - they look like this:

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 2.51.11 PM.png

Once you do so, the points will award automatically and immediately.


None of those dreaded red X's in this mission!

And a great way to encourage people to take advantage of this valuable resource.

I am looking forward to this year's sessions. The only bother is choosing which sessions to attend!

Thanks again to all the Solarwinds staff for hosting.

I've seen a couple of screenshots from people who RSVPd for every session. two monitors and two sets of headphones?

Perhaps they have a TARDIS, a tricked-out Delorean, or a time-turner?

In my case I am uncertain which session I'll actually attend. I promise to unregister from one of them so no one saves a virtual seat for me.

Don’t panic guys all the sessions will be made available to watch on demand just like last year, so you don’t need to dual screen two sessions, just pick the ones you think will give you the best benefit from interacting with the SolarWinds team while the video is aired.

Thanks the @greateebzies! Just an FYI, it appears the There's an API for That link may not be working, I am getting this: 


Can't wait... Always learning.. !

Yup...I did that. also noticed I wasn't following Solarwinds.

Yup...did that


Maybe I should open a ticket with support!

Lots of very useful content for the new users and power users looking forward to it.

Thanks Jeremy! Any chance you can send over the full URL?

Tips and Tricks: Thinking Outside the Box link isn't working either.

Thanks Robert! I'm happy to take a peek. Can you send over the URL?

Booyah! Looking forward to it.

Awesome! I've fixed it. Go ahead and try again.

I'm breaking things left and right! Try once more!

That worked!

it'll be here soooooooooooon

Good one, excited being first time

Will catch as much as I can from the UK. The topics look interesting.


I'm still trying to figure out how to get the sharing 100 points... it doesn't seem to be crossing off my list???

You have to look carefully, there are two sets of sharing links, there is one closer to the bottom of the camp agendas, and one list at the bottom of the page, don't use the bottom of the page,


Use the ones right under the registered sections.

jeremymayfield​ is right on, but don't use the links in the page footer. Just the gray ones with the white background under the sessions.

There aint no gray ones


OK...Mine is being blocked by a firewall. i used my phone and it worked.


While you're logged in, click this and wait for it to load completely, then take a peek at the mission page and see if it's still showing as missing.

Ah! That works too!

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