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Store ticket number in solarwinds


I want to store ticket number in solar winds which is returned from a ticketing system for alerts.

Any way to achieve this. Am using below query to retrieve alerts from solarwinds. Ticketing system will send me number after creating ticket. I need to store it in database.

swis.query("select ac.Name as Name,ac.AlertMessage as Message,ao.RelatedNodeCaption as Node,ao.EntityCaption as Object,case when ac.Severity=2 then 'Critical' else 'major'  end as Severity,ToLocal(aa.TriggeredDateTime) as Alerttime from Orion.AlertActive aa left outer join Orion.alertObjects as ao on aa.AlertObjectID=ao.AlertObjectID left outer join Orion.AlertConfigurations as ac on ac.AlertID=ao.AlertID where ac.Severity=2 and aa.TriggeredDateTime>='2019-02-12 15:00:00' order by aa.TriggeredDateTime desc")

Thanks in advance.

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