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Link utilization in Atlas map

Hi everyone,

Most of our intersite links are set up on Cisco ASR 1001-X. I have created a network Atlas map and linked all corresponding interfaces of the nodes I want to display. Unfortunately, I could not get any link utilization information within NPM. When I spoke to SW support they told me that for link utilization to show up I need to have Layer 3 AND Layer 2 topology. By some reason, Layer 2 topology OIDs are not available on any ASR 1K routers.

I am wondering if I am the first one who hit this problem and if there is a way to get link utilization displayed on that Atlas map. It seems strange since this info is available on Map tab within Node itself.

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Atlas is much older than the web based mapping feature, and it has always been pretty fussy about not showing anything unless it had ALL the possible information.  I expect they wrote the newer feature to be a little more flexible, but it is pretty unlikely that there will be any work to back port that kind of thing into Atlas.  Eventually the goal seems to be to have the web based maps completely replace Atlas, but that's going to be a while from what I've seen of where they are in the development of features for the web based maps.

There are countless threads on Thwack with people trying to see if they could rig up a solution to whatever devices they had that wouldn't show the utilization in the map but nothing really elegant ever came to surface that I can recall.

Least frustrating strategy I find is to just add the interface you want to display as it's own object and use the variables for ${inbps} / ${inpercentutil} and ${outbps} / ${outpercentutil} in the label of that interface, they will resolve to the appropriate figures when you view the map in the web interface.

- Marc Netterfield, Github

Thank you so much. I will try your advice.

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