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Level 9

Web Help Desk - add more linked items please

As the Web Help Desk (WHD) administrator of SIL International I would like to ask SolarWinds to make some changes in WHD.  Specifically in its lack of linked items in the SETUP pages.

  1. General-License:  Please make the Tech names links to the techs profile page
  2. General-License: Carry the color coding of the Tech through to this list
  3. Locations-Locations: Link the location name to a screen to assign it to Location Group.  This is critical as it would speed the assignment of Locations to Location Group and reduce the time in opening each Location Group, seeing if there were any new Locations to be added to it.
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Level 13

You should transfer this request as an "Idea" so people can vote on it. Hit "Create" in the tool bar under the thwack toolbar, then Idea, and type in Web Help Desk feature request.

Once created your peers can vote on the idea and the product manager can promote the idea for the next version, and we'll all benefit from it

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