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Web Help Desk - Calendar

As the Applications Administrator for SIL International's Web Help Desk I have request for an extension of the features in the WHD Calendar.

1. When a Tech puts a ticket on the calendar is usually so that they can handle the problem later, sometimes weeks later.  We really need the calendar to popup reminders of tickets on the calendar for that day.   Most techs do not check their WHD calendar on a daily bases.   They need the reminder.  Maybe like the Messages icon shows that there is something to be handled.

2. Connecting the WHD calendar to an outside calendar system is great!  But we need to connect to more than just MS Outlook.  Many of the techs use Google Calendar, or other public domain calendar systems.

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Level 13

You should transfer this request as an "Idea" so people can vote on it. Hit "Create" in the tool bar under the thwack toolbar, then Idea, and type in Web Help Desk feature request.

Once created your peers can vote on the idea and the product manager can promote the idea for the next version, and we'll all benefit from it

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