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Level 9

Two requests for

I have no idea where to put this. I was unable to find a board on here that talks about THWACK. I did not find a way to submit feedback about the site. Clicking on the New to Thwack link takes me to the homepage.

Two things that I think would improve this site:

  1. Have a chat window. Sometimes people would like a quick answer or something is time sensitive. This could be beneficial to all. For example, if we had a chat, I could have just asked in there about where to submit feedback about the site. As opposed to me having a question about making a custom report.
  2. Consider a section where there are questions that remain unanswered and offer an incentive to users to answer them. For example: a list of questions that have been unanswered for 3 or more days in the last month. Maybe people that assist there could get double points for helping people. I imagine people are here asking for help because they need it. It would go a long way in helping the SW community.

That's all 🙂 Thanks for reading!!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi friends!

Wanted to pop in here to let you know we saw this discussion.

Unanswered questions are definitely a downer (and I've put this on my "figure this ish out" list). Keep the ideas coming, it's my pleasure to implement.

As for chat... let's discuss - what is it that you're looking for? Like a "throw something into the ether and see who answers" sort of chat? or like a pop up like facebook messenger? (no promises, but improving your experience is literally my job description and my unrivaled obsession soooooooo)

Thanks YumDarling!

Please, please, please consider a place or fix on how to get unanswered questions answered. You could offer a survey for 200 points asking for solutions and ideas. I guess we would need some examples in order to have a survey though.

As for the chat, I know I was leaning more towards the "throw something into the ether and see who answers" sort of chat" kinda chat. 😛 That way, everyone has a chance to answer and chime in. I belong to a very small an not super active discord chat, but it gives everyone an opportunity to answer. I have never had a question unanswered there. 

Though having a messenger type chat on the actual solar winds website might be nice, too (I think I have seen an icon for chat pop up randomly but have never been able to pinpoint it when I need help). 


Level 9

Thanks for the replies and feedback!! You guys worded it much better than I could have. Maybe a sidebar that lists all unanswered questions? Thinking out loud here...

The chat feature (in my imagination), wouldn't have to be manned by staff. I suppose anyone could chime in. Similar to a discord type chat....? 

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Level 13

I have had unanswered questions here as well.  Our teams come up with some off-beat requests so that is part of it, but sometimes I think they just get lost, especially if there is a lot of activity on the site.

John Handberg
Level 12

I definitely agree with the second point.

I've had a few questions go unanswered either because nobody actually knows the answer or more likely, those that do have not seen it because it disappeared down the virtual rabbit hole - aka it is no longer on the front page and in reality, who has time to go digging.

I am eternally grateful to the individuals that do respond, but as THWACK is such a key part of the Solarwinds support process I firmly believe there should be dedicated staff waiting to answer. Instead I have had to resort to logging the occasional ticket only to be told I should be asking in THWACK as we are only break / fix. Well excuse me for asking about the **bleep** product you are meant to support.

I like the idea of the chat box as well - but not sure how that might work in reality. Especially as it appears staff only drop in when they want to.

All of this is purely my perception - but boy is perception a strong factor.

I think the bigger problem is that fact that Solarwinds relies so much upon Thwack instead of proper support.  Submitting a question to Thwack is luck of the draw...maybe the right person sees before it drifts down the list or maybe you never get a response.  Why can't support just be better?  Solarwinds feels almost open source because of so much reliance upon community help.

Ditto on the unanswered questions. I am not sure about implementing chat. Does it just make more sense to just use thwack and monitor the replies or not? I will be curious to hear what others think about the chat though. 

Agreed for the chat part of "only dropping in when they want to", adding when they have time to.  I am not sure they would want this manned 24/7.  But maybe an AI version?

For myself, I can't sit on Thwack all day.... well ok, my employer would prefer I do work rather than surf Thwack all day.  So availability to answer a non-work live chat isn't as feasible.

John Handberg