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Strip leading and trailing spaces in ALL search boxes throughout Orion

Many of the search fields in Orion allow both leading and trailing spaces. When copying and pasting names into the search fields a lot of times a leading or trailing space is present. If you do not trim the spaces then the search will fail to find the node you were trying to search for. Users will think the node is not present when that happens when it really is, you just have to search for it without the spaces. 

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I agree with the principle of this idea, BUT sometimes I do intentionally use spaces in search. My two cents is that this should only be done if the use of quotes around a string that includes leading/trailing spaces will preserve those spaces.

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Level 11

I cannot give enough kudos to this idea. 

Countless times I've found myself copying node names with a trailing space and had to delete after getting no search results.

On a side note, shouldn't this be in a different community section?

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I support this idea.  I can't even count the number of times I've failed to achieve the results needed the first time by having hidden trailing or leading spaces in some section of Solarwinds.  Inadvertently creating them by highlighting and copying them with a Microsoft product, and then pasting them into a Solarwinds field, that I started pasting them first into some other app that showed the hidden leading or trailing spaces.

After seeing the problem, I could delete those spaces and do a simple copy & paste of the correct text.  

It was a huge time-waster.  Eliminating that as a possibility would have made my life more efficient.

Kudos to this idea!

Rick Schroeder