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Level 14

Stop placing SolarWinds files inside the Windows Temp folder

I do not understand why SolarWinds is still writing files to the C:\Windows\Temp folder.  By the way, the SolarWinds documentation requires for A/V exclusion for the C:\Windows\Temp\SolarWinds and for C:\Windows\Temp\Jet*.tmp.

Also, the Orion Permission Checker fails if it finds lack of read-write rights to the C:\Windows\Temp folder.  This is a big problem, since the Windows\Temp folder cannot be excluded from antivirus scanning  -- lest, we risk access from hackers and viruses, worms, etc.  in our servers and network.  I truly believe that the SolarWinds installation should place all the files in the same directory where we chose to install the files -- hopefully, not inside the C: drive.  If you agree as well, I would appreciate your vote on this idea.  Thanks!  😎

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Level 13

We are constantly finding permissions failures in these folders with Permissions Checker.  We even sat down with our Windows team experts to try and figure out why this keeps happening.  It appears that the permissions are set correctly, but when SolarWinds adds sub-folders, these new sub-folders don't get the permissions correctly.  The team verified that the parent folder inherit permissions are correct, so somehow SolarWinds is botching up the permissions on these sub-folders and files when it creates them.  The sub-folder inheritance was tested by creating new folders and files there manually and they got the correct permissions, so from their perspective, this is an Application bug, not a Windows permissions/inheritance issue.

I agree with getting these moved.  In general in our company, the Windows team wants all applications and application data on other drives, not the Windows installation drive.  They don't want non-Windows files causing the drive to fill up or cause any other problems with that drive or the OS installation.

John Handberg