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Request report for open unused ports in switch

Not sure if it hidden somewhere, but would really like to see a report when you drill down into a switch of the available unused ports. Preferably without having to turn on stat polling and logging. Just by going with status and last change greater then a defined period of say 3 months.

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Have you seen Request report for open unused ports in switch from the Report Lab and the queries provided by njoylif and Bedrich?   Bedrich's format worked best for us. You can tweak the port types as needed.

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Level 8

The UDT "Unused Ports" report has always been flawed for me and never provided reliable information even though all of our layer 2 infrastructure is Cisco.  Some day I'd like to make the time to open a trouble ticket and have SolarWinds address this.  Until then I use the manual process which is a pain.


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I don't think this will be possible without monitoring the switch ports.  But, UDT(user device tracker module) is built just for the request you ware wanting.  If you have UDT installed then there is a canned report that shows the unused ports and when they last time they were active.  Or you can create a new UDT report and specify the date range of 3 months.

Zak Kahl

Loop1 Systems

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