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Report Writer - Enhance filter to select based on a summary function

Is there a way to select volume utilization data based on the aggregate (e.g., maximum disk utilization for the month) exceeding a certain percentage (e.g., 95 %)?

Currently, when I run a 3 month report and select disk volumes with a maximum percentage used > 95%, the average column is not accurate, because the records with a lesser percentage are not included in the average.  When I editted the SQL and moved the selection to the 'HAVING' clause, the average looked correct.  Although, it only included the months where the percentage was > 95%.

To go a step further, I really wanted to see all of the last 3 months of disk utilization data if the drive exceeded 95% anytime within the past 3 months.  In order to do this, I used the 'IN' function within the 'WHERE' clause.  Using the 'IN', I selected the concatenation of the node id + ":" + volume id for the volumes that exceeded 95%.  I attached the two reports so you can see the exact syntax.

Can the report writer be enhanced to handle these situations?  I assumed the complex filter could at least utilize the HAVING clause when an aggregate function was chosen.

Using Report Writer version 2012.2.1

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