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Question by displaying the data in the Alert.

Created Universal Device Poller with OID (it xupsInputVoltage for 3-phase UPS)

How to make a variable ${CustomPollerStatus.Rate} give the voltage in the format "A, B, C". So it was in older versions of NPM (9.xx)

Now the variable ${CustomPollerStatus.Rate} outputs the voltage in the format "A". Values of B and C do not appear in the Alert.

written at Alert:

${Date} ${Hour}:${Minute} - ${NodeName} Voltage - ${CustomPollerStatus.Rate}

get in the letter:

03.07.2014 13:25 - UPS9355-Garage Voltage - 228

you need to do to receive:

03.07.2014 13:25 - UPS9355-Garage Voltage - 228,225,220

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