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Level 9

Orion Maps permissions

It seems that Orion maps have been created without regard for collaboration.

We need to be able to edit other user maps (without saving as a new name) because maps are referenced within maps and a whole team requires access to be able to create, edit and modify.

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Level 10

Is there any update on this? This is a big problem. Is there a Hot Fix?

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Level 11

@extreme-bar @alansmith @jblankjblank 

We encountered the same issue and found the same answer in that its not currently possible to do what you are asking.

To get round this issue in the meantime in our environment, although not ideal, we created a new 'mapuser' user account and created all of our maps using that account instead.

This way when any of the maps were needing to be updated, the relevant person that was updating them would just login as the 'mapuser' and make the require changes and then log back out and back in as themselves.


@dunky2k , thanks for that suggestion.  We were just coming around to a similar conclusion.

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Level 11

With this if any other user clicks view mode of orion maps. When that opens you should have an option to the right with a drop down "More" under there you should have an edit option for this. 

I just poked around my user settings and am not seeing orion maps permissions settings. 

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@alansmith what you are saying is accurate - but specifically what @extreme-bar is requesting is the ability for maps to be able to be edited by other users, WITHOUT having to perform a Save-As. While users are able to edit a map, they cannot edit the original map. Only an owner has this capability. This is similar to PerfStack Projects.  

This may be something we can adjust in the future with an ability to promote a map to a public map for editing, etc...  Great request and feedback and looking to hear more from the community.  

@jblankjblank, are you saying that not even those with Orion admin permissions can edit a given map unless their personal admin-level account is the owner of that map?

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@jblankjblank the promote to public idea would work for our purposes, but if you are looking at permission in general, then the idea of groups and read / edit would be better.



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I would like more granularity regarding permissions, overall in all Orion. But looking at just the new Orion Maps I suggest:

  • Permission to create maps [True/False]
  • Permission to edit all maps [True/False]

And don't have us need to use admin permission for this. Admin should only be for very few persons.


When the owner creates a map there is an option to allow edit for everyone but it never stays on from what I found. Sounds like a feature request to me 🙂 

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Upvoted by me. I do think the Admin should have the ability to update the Maps as sometimes they are created incorrectly, and then the Owner is the only one that can edit them.

- David Smith
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