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Orion Maps and duplicate LAN side addresses

When monitoring devices in a manufacturing environment where you have many similar machines.  The machines usually share the same class-C IP Addresses.  When monitoring our manufacturing environment there is a Orion Map issue that makes the node auto-mapping feature unusable.  We are polling the NAT address, but Orion Maps appears to see the duplicate LAN side addresses as interconnections. between the device.  These LAN side addresses are gathered through SNMP and stored in the NodeIPAddresses table of Orion database.  The attached image shows the issue we are having, when looking at the node CAC01 there should only be three connections shown.

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Product Manager
Product Manager

@rr1001 Orion Maps is simply utilizing data from the NPM Topology Calculation. Are you seeing incorrect connections when you look at the NPM Network Topology Widget?


This is what Orion Maps is leveraging to create automatic topology. If there is an unknown connection on either side, that connection will not be automatically mapped and you will need to ensure you either monitor the unknown interface or enable L2/L3 unknowns in advanced settings. Otherwise, if there are additional connections that should not be here, or that you are identifying in the database as you mentioned, I would generate a support case to track with NPM to investigate. This would not be related to the Maps feature.  I would also recommend using a different web browser based on what I am seeing in the screenshot, what are you using?  

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Thanks for the feedback and the hint to check the NPM Network Topology widget.  I included a screenshot of my widget that clearly shows the same node CAC01 and interface (FastEthernet2) connected to other devices and many other interfaces.  There is only once connection that is real (the top one) the others I think are caused because the NPM is picking up the LAN side address through SNMP.  Because all this machines are identical the LAN side addresses are identical, but we only poll the NAT address, If you pick the select IP address when Editing the Properties you also can select the class C LAN side address.  Of course if you select the LAN side address polling will not work.

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