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ORION MAPS FEATURE REQUEST- Ability to "Select All" after running a filter in the Entities Library

The ability to "Select All" after running a filter in the Entities Library

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Thanks for the request @krc85aggie - also curious, how many entities are you adding to the map in total?  What type of map are you building.  The current Entity Library essentially lets you grab 100 at a time, so I am just looking for more detail to ensure this is considered in the future.  Thanks for sharing!

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Just to update, jblank touched base on the side and pointed out the Windows "Shift" command worked to select a large number of devices.  That is, you could select one device at the top of the list and press "Shift" and select a device at the bottom of the list and it will select all in between.

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I work on a large campus.  I am creating maps by building number.  All nodes contain the building number in the hostname.  Buildings normally contain 3 to 20 devices.  So, for example, I run the filter for 1000.  Lets say 8 devices are listed.  Currently, I have to hit control and click on each device and then drag and drop.  It would be nice to have check boxes, and a select all for this functionality.



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