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Maintenance Options for Groups

I do realize that there is a script that m-mullin created and was most recently discussed in "UNMANAGE/REMANAGE OR MUTE/RESUME AN ITEM OR ALL ITEMS IN A GROUP".  However it would seem it would be a great enhancement to the product to include a "Maintenance Mode" drop-down in the "Group Details" widget on the "Group Details" page similar to the "Maintenance Mode" drop-down in the "Management" widget for Node Details pages.

Having the ability to quickly "Unmanage Group Nodes" or "Mute Alerts for Group Nodes", or even to Schedule these, for all Nodes in a Group would be very helpful in our environment.  Of course there should also include the abilities to "Manage Group Nodes" or "Resume Alerts on Group Nodes" as well.

An ability to recursively perform the above actions on sub-Groups would also be a huge plus.  That is also available in m-mullin's script.

To make it an even better tool, instead of providing the abilities to either "Manage Group Nodes" or "Resume Alerts on Group Nodes", provide "Back-Out Unmanage Group Nodes" and "Back-Out Mute Alerts" features.  What I mean by "Back-Out" is that it would be helpful if the Group tool recognized what Unmanage and Mute Alerts, either indefinitely or Scheduled, were in place on Group Nodes prior to executing the Group tool and retain those after backing out the Group tool level action.  Obviously for a Scheduled action set at the Node level, if the Schedule expired during the Group level action, then the Node level action would be cancelled with the Group level action is Backed-Out or the Group level Schedule expires.

Please submit a Kudo on this idea if you agree this would be helpful.  Also comment with any part of this you agree or disagree with or any additional thoughts you have for such a tool.


Thanks for your time!!

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I'm behind this request 100%.  It makes sense, and would help reduce or eliminate unnecessary or inactionable alerts.